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An Ode to Social Media

Choral Reading Scripts

Teen Readers

Social Media is all the rage! And yes, using Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram can be positive experiences if you use your common sense and remember some of the "do's" and "don'ts" outlined in this choral reading script.

Hamlet, For Short (Grades 6-12)

Play Scripts

This shortened version of "Hamlet" retold in verse is a great way to teach your students the basic story plot, and involve them in an easy and alternate way of telling the tale.

How The Robin Got Its Red Breast

Choral Reading Scripts

Choral Reading, Older Elementary School Readers

Adapted from a Pacific Northwest Sechelt Indian Legend.

I'm an Ant!

Readers Theater Scripts

Readers Theater, Older Elementary School Readers

Teaching a unit on insects? Here's a story poem about what it's like to be an ant! Eight readers tell us how busy a worker ant's life can be and, in doing so, impart a few important "ant facts" along the way.

It Must Be Spring (Choral, Primary Version)

Choral Reading Scripts

Choral Reading Version, Younger Elementary School Readers 

The script for Primary readers is written with repetition, rhythm, and rhyme. If your class is working on a "Spring Theme" or planning a parents' spring get-together, this might be the script for you!

A Champion Chip Cookie

Choral Reading Scripts

Choral Reading/Speaking Script for Elementary School Readers.

Is there more than one way to define the word Champion? Take a bite of a tasty Champion Chip Cookie and you might find out!        

A Christmas Carol, Reduced (Play Script)

Play Scripts

Play Script (Grades 5-10)

Intermediate to Advanced, 12 speaking roles The Christmas holidays just aren't complete without Charles Dickens's "A Christmas Carol". Here's a shortened version of that same story in script form.

A Christmas Puppet Package

Puppet Play Scripts

Four holiday puppet scripts, Christmas themes

A variety of puppet scripts needing from 1 to 8 hand puppets. 

A Fairytale Medley (Grades 4-6)

Play Scripts

3 speaking roles. This is a great play for a cast of three, or easily divisible into smaller sections for tiny groups of additional actors.

A Fashionable Ghost (Choral)

Choral Reading Scripts

Choral Reading Version, Older Elementary School Readers

What do you do with a gal ghost who shows up on Halloween night dressed in a trendy orange vest, lime green flip flops by Gumbie, a Lululemon skirt, a cap from The Gap, and a Gucci hand bag?

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