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Outfoxing the Snake

Readers Theater Scripts

Can you really outfox a snake? Ted Truefoot helps a snake who is caught between some rocks, then finds out that the snake plans to reward him with DEATH.

Outsmarting the Leprechauns

Readers Theater Scripts

Readers Theater, Older Readers

An innkeeper and his very capable wife find their inn invaded by invisible leprechauns.

Over-Worked and Underpaid: Labour Unrest in Fairytale Land (Grades 6-10)

Play Scripts

25 speaking roles

Evil fairytale characters unionize and cause chaos in fairytale land!

Owl's Perfect Valentine

Readers Theater Scripts

Readers Theater, Older Readers 

Same basic plot as the popular primary version of this story, but more sophisticated. Four readers relate the tale of Oliver the owl who wastes his time searching for the "perfect valentine".

Owl's Perfect Valentine (Younger Readers)

Readers Theater Scripts

Readers Theater

Here's another holiday "draw and read" story for primary readers. Teacher narrates this tale about Oliver the wise old owl who is searching for a perfect valentine.

Pandora (Myth)

Readers Theater Scripts

According to greek mythology, evil and hope both came into the world with the creation of the first woman! Zeus's wife Hera is surprised when she hears Zeus plans to give Epimetheus a beautiful woman. The woman is called Pandora.

Pass it On!

Choral Reading Scripts

Choral Reading, Older Elementary School Readers

Anti-Cyber-Bully Script About Making Safe and Healthy Internet Choices.


Readers Theater Scripts

Primary Script Paulette Piolat a cinq animaux: un alligator, un ane, un aigle, une antilope et un anatosaure. Elle decide d'amener chaque animal faire des achats de Noel au centre d'achats du quartier.

Peg Leg Joe and the Drinking Gourd

Choral Reading Scripts

Choral Reading Version, Older Elementary School Readers

Joe teaches southern slaves an escape route using music and the night sky.

Peg Leg Joe and the Drinking Gourd (Older Elementary School Readers)

Readers Theater Scripts

Readers Theater Version

In this story-poem script, 12 SOLO READERS and an ALL CHORUS tell about Joe, the song, and the code within the song, that helped slaves in the 1800's find freedom in the north.

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