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The American Revolutionary War Package by Linda Baten Johnson is comprised of 10 scripts which may stand alone or combined by sections to give an overview of the war from start to finish.

These scripts may be presented as Readers Theater or blocked and performed as traditional plays.

The Package Includes:

Prelude to the American Revolutionary War 1. Thirteen Separate Colonies 2. Taxes, Taxes, Taxes 3. The Minutemen Militias The Battle for Independence 4. First Battles 5. Declaring Independence 6. Spies and Secrets 7. A Soldier's Life Establishing a New Nation 8. Winning the War 9. Creating a Constitution 10. Father of a New Nation

NOTE: Sample pages for each of the above scripts can be viewed by typing a script title into our search engine and viewing the individual listing for that script in our online catalog.

$99.95 each

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