Scripts for Schools

Duplication and Performance Rights

When you purchase a script from Scripts for Schools, your purchase price includes:

1. The price of the script.

2. A duplication license granting you the right to freely duplicate (print) and perform the script within your school of purchase, provided no admission is charged.

The duplication license is for one school only! This does not include other schools within your district. If you are a consultant buying one script for an entire district, we ask that you purchase a script for each school in your district. (Each script price paid includes duplication licenses for the individual schools).

No electronic retransmission of any script is permitted without the consent of Scripts for Schools. The duplication license is for print duplication only. No script may be reprinted in text books, teacher guides, workshop hand-out materials, or other print materials without thewritten consent of Scripts for Schools.

Scripts for Schools is a Publisher Affiliate with Access Copyright, the Canadian Copyright Licensing Agency, and is protected by the copyright laws of Canada.

Unlike many other publishers, Script for Schools charges no royalties when our scripts are used in your school or classroom for non-profit activities.

Public Performance Rights

Public performance rights are available for all our scripts. Please contact Scripts for Schools with your request:

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