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Scripts for Schools has been providing teachers and community groups with Readers Theater Scripts, Choral Reading (Choral Speaking Scripts), Play Scripts, and Puppet Play Scripts for the past twenty six years.  Our scripts continue to be used by schools and community groups around the world.

Looking for a Readers Theater or Choral Reading script for your school group? We have hundreds of play scripts that will fit your desired theme and budget. Our scripts are not only for use by drama teachers.

A positive Readers Theater experience can be accomplished by every teacher. If you are a teacher (at any or all grade levels) who is thinking about trying READERS THEATER for the first time, click below for information about how to use Readers Theater Scripts in your class or community group:

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Featured Scripts

A Thanksgiving Surprise (Younger Readers)

Readers Theater Scripts

Readers Theater, Younger Elementary School Readers

A draw and read story.

A poor hungry man, his wife, and a mouse, all live together in a round sod house. The story ends with the completed drawing of a turkey who is just in time for their Thanksgiving!


Readers Theater Scripts

Readers Theater Version, Older Elementary School Readers 

A king has tired of his devoted Court Wizard, Merlin, and decides he wants a Court Witch instead.

Holiday Harvest, Thanksgiving Time! (Readers Theater)

Readers Theater Scripts

Readers Theater Version, Older Elementary School Readers

A quick search on the internet will yield a number of pages about The First Thanksgiving and the foods the pilgrims probably enjoyed on that special occasion. Does the menu differ from the Thanksgiving foods we eat today?


Choral Reading Scripts

Choral Reading Version, Older Elementary School Readers

Turkey and Piggy live side by side in the barnyard. They love to sing together and especially like singing The Gobble-Oink Song (sung to the tune of "Stayin Alive"). Piggy doesn't quite understand the importance of the approaching Thanksgiving Day, but Turkey gets the message and announces it is his opinion that folks should eat more ham!

A Fashionable Ghost (Choral)

Choral Reading Scripts

Choral Reading Version, Older Elementary School Readers

What do you do with a gal ghost who shows up on Halloween night dressed in a trendy orange vest, lime green flip flops by Gumbie, a Lululemon skirt, a cap from The Gap, and a Gucci hand bag?

Nine Green Goblins

Choral Reading Scripts

Choral Reading, Younger Elementary School Readers

A free mp3 sound file is available to teachers who want to establish the proper rhythm/beat for any Scripts for Schools script involving rhythm and rhyme. Simply email Lois at

This tale is about nine Halloween goblins who are really very hungry and wish for the kinds of food most youngsters like: pizza, hot dogs, macaroni, spaghetti, and scrambled eggs.

Remembering on Remembrance Day

Readers Theater Scripts

A Readers Theater Script for Intermediate Readers

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