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Asian Festivals Theme Package (Older Readers)

Teacher Theme Packages

Four scripts about popular Asian Festivals.

  • The Ghost Festival: Di and Tien at the Ghost Festival
  • The Moon Festival: The Archer's Wife
  • The Tomb Sweeping Festival: Max and the Tomb Sweep
  • The Lantern Festival: The Story of the Dragon God of Rice

Have Fun With English

Choral Reading Scripts

(Alternate title: HAVE FUN WITH READING)

This script was originally written for an EFL "Have Fun With English Day" in Malaysia.

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Little Frog in the Well

Readers Theater Scripts

A Taiwanese Fable for Intermediate/Advanced Readers about the joy of expanding your horizons and moving on in life. A little bird swoops into a well and carries Little Frog out into the world on his back.

Max and the Tomb Sweep

Readers Theater Scripts

This script follows Max and his mother as they sweep Granny's tomb and discuss the reason for celebrating The Tomb Sweeping Festival. Happily, the three narrators learn all about the festival too.

Oh Words, Those English Words!

Choral Reading Scripts

Choral Reading, Interm/Advanced Readers

A lighthearted look at HOMOPHONES! This choral speaking script enables students to poke fun at some dreaded homophones while also learning about them in the process.

A free mp3 sound file is available to teachers who want to establish the proper rhythm/beat for any Scripts for Schools script involving rhythm and rhyme. Simply email Lois at



Readers Theater Scripts

Origins of the Moon Festival In this legend re-told in rhyme, the emperor orders his archer to shoot down 10 suns that live in the sky.


Readers Theater Scripts

This Script is written for Beginning/Intermediate Readers. Features Five Animals from Taiwan: Hsuehshan Grass Lizard, Red-Bellied Squirrel, Red Eared Turtle, Ryukyu Flying Fox, and the Asian Leopard Cat.


Readers Theater Scripts

The Origins of The Double Ninth Day. A Fanciful Folk Tale for Intermediate/Advanced Readers.


Choral Reading Scripts

Choral Reading, All Ages

A Malaysian EFL teacher asked us for something humorous that would somehow poke fun at how much his students DIDN'T LIKE having to learn English, yet reinforce ways to actually learn it.


Choral Reading Scripts

Choral Reading Version, Grades 5-9

This script catches the essence of a high school basketball game in progress.

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