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Christmas and Hanukkah


A Christmas Carol, Reduced (Play Script)

Play Scripts

Play Script (Grades 5-10)

Intermediate to Advanced, 12 speaking roles The Christmas holidays just aren't complete without Charles Dickens's "A Christmas Carol". Here's a shortened version of that same story in script form.

An Early Visit From Santa Claus (Choral)

Choral Reading Scripts

Choral ReadingVersion, Older Elementary School Readers

Believe it or not, good old Santa has come down early to leave special gifts and thank the teachers, staff, and administration (at your very own school) for their devotion to children and hard work.

At Christmas Time (Readers Theater, Older Readers)

Readers Theater Scripts

Readers Theater Version, Older Elementary School Readers 

Too much hustle, bustle, and holiday shopping sometimes causes us to forget the reason we celebrate Christmas in the first place.

Babushka's Story (Choral Reading)

Choral Reading Scripts

Choral Reading Version, Older Elementary School Readers

Grandmother Babushka brings gifts to the children of Russia each Christmas Eve. She is an important "gift-giver" there and her story has become a well-known Christmas legend.

Let's Celebrate Christmas!

Teacher Theme Packages

Theme Package, Younger Readers

Four Choral Reading scripts about Christmas, plus bonus RT PrimaryVersion of The Christmas Treasure:

The Christmas Star (Readers Theater)

Readers Theater Scripts

Readers Theater for Older Elementary School Readers 

A proud star tells about that special night long ago when he/she was given the job of shining brightly above a lowly stable.


Choral Reading Scripts

This script includes 3 versions: Choral Reading/Speaking for Younger and Older Elementary School Readers and one including Audience Participation.

Clement Clarke Moore wrote the poem "T'was The Night Before Christmas" in 1822. It is now the tradition in many families to read the poem every Christmas Eve.

Why The Yuletide Evergreen Trees Keep Their Leaves

Choral Reading Scripts

Choral Reading/Speaking, Older Elementary School Readers

A story about a little bird and a few kind trees who work together to perform a Yuletide miracle for us all!

A Christmas Puppet Package

Puppet Play Scripts

Four holiday puppet scripts, Christmas themes

A variety of puppet scripts needing from 1 to 8 hand puppets. 

An Early Visit From Santa Claus (Readers Theater)

Readers Theater Scripts

Readers Theater Version, Older Elementary School Readers

A wonderful Christmas Greeting for your entire school and just the thing for a library or assembly program! This script is written so that you may insert your school's name into the text as your readers tell the story of how and why Santa snuck into your city/town to pay an early visit to your very own school.

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