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These Scripts for Schools Play Scripts have been created to be performed as “Traditional Theater” scripts involving memorization of lines, blocking or stage movement, costumes, make up, lighting, sound effects, etc. The plays have been created to be produced as full theater experiences within your classroom, entire school, and/or community.

Lie on a Yardstick (Grades 4-6)

Play Scripts

Elementary school, small cast

Julie is always the new kid at school, because her father travels so much. Making friends is always hard for her and she so wants to fit in. So when all the other kids say they don't like the teacher, Julie joins right in.

Macbeth, Abridged (Grades 6-12)

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Twenty three characters re-tell Shakespeare's wonderful story of pride and ambition, but in a much shortened and easier to understand version of the original.

Myths and Such, Package 1 (Grades 6-10)

Play Scripts

This collection of short skits intends to retell well-known Greek myths in a humorous and inventive way.

Myths and Such, Package 2 (Grades 6-10)

Play Scripts

This package, Package 2, is a 30-35 minute performance piece. It stands alone, but can be combined with Myths and Such, Package 1 to create an hour's performance, if needed.

Nero Fiddles on the Roof (Grades 9-12)

Play Scripts

This mad-cap, one act comedy opens during a writers strike and, because of the strike, only two half scripts are available for performance!

Over-Worked and Underpaid: Labour Unrest in Fairytale Land (Grades 6-10)

Play Scripts

25 speaking roles

Evil fairytale characters unionize and cause chaos in fairytale land!

Relationships and Such, Performance Package

Play Scripts

Wrapping up a unit on "Relationships" or "Anger Management Skills"? Why not end the unit with a performance of short skits that support what's been learned?

Romeo and Juliet, Shortened (Grades 6-12)

Play Scripts

Shakespeare's well-known story of two ill-fated lovers. The story is retold in verse and in a lighthearted (and sometimes comical) way, yet the basic intent has not been compromised.


Play Scripts

Grades 4 - 8, 26 speaking roles Chris lives in a large family. She feels alienated, ignored, and out of place - until a genie enters the picture!

THE FAIR TRADE (Grades 3-7)

Play Scripts

Elementary school, small cast James, Joey and Pete are picking Strawberries one day when a hobo shows up. Joey and Pete aren't having a thing to do with the hobo, but the trouble starts when Pete practically dares James to offer the hobo a sandwich.

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