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Pop Until We Drop

Readers Theater Scripts

Readers Theater Version, Older Readers

This story poem explores the life of a popcorn seed from soil to cooking pot and imparts a few important "popcorn facts" along the way. There's always something fascinating to learn about plants, especially this popular confection!

Pop Until We Drop: A Popcorn Story

Choral Reading Scripts

Choral Reading, Older Elementary School Readers

What is it like to be a popcorn seed?

Primary Script Collection

Value-Added Scripts

20 Short Readers Theater and Choral Speaking Scripts for the Primary Grades

Our Primary Collection includes 10 short Readers Theater scripts each with its accompanying Choral Reading/Speaking version, a total of 20 short scripts based on popular fables, myths, and legends.

Prometheus (Myth)

Readers Theater Scripts

God Zeus commands two titan brothers to create the animals and endow them with special gifts. The impulsive Epimetheus creates one strange looking animal after another, but thoughtful Prometheus thinks, wonders, and ponders.


Value-Added Scripts

A Value-Added Package "Rapunzel," a popular fairy tale, written for Choral Speaking with rhythm, rhyme, and a repetitive chorus. When you purchase this title you will also receive a Readers Theater version of the same title.

Readers Theater Teaching Package: Teachers Guide Including 2 Scripts


A practical, step-by-step teachers' guide to the use of Readers Theater for oral language skill development in the Elementary Classroom.

Reginald Fessenden, Prolific Inventor

Readers Theater Scripts

Three students need help with a joint science report which is due in just two weeks! They meet a helpful research librarian who is compiling a file on Canadian inventor Reginald Aubrey Fessenden. The librarian encourages them to look into Fessenden's work.

Relationships and Such, Performance Package

Play Scripts

Wrapping up a unit on "Relationships" or "Anger Management Skills"? Why not end the unit with a performance of short skits that support what's been learned?

Remembering on Memorial Day

Readers Theater Scripts

A Readers Theater Script for Intermediate Readers

Ring Those Christmas Bells!

Choral Reading Scripts

Choral Reading, Older Elementary School Readers

A Christmas choral reading script about the gift-bringers in America, Canada, England, Holland, Sweden, Italy, and Iceland. These countries were chosen because the stories and legends of their gift-bringers are so colorful and varied!

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