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Readers Theater Scripts

These Scripts for Schools Readers Theater scripts were created as a way to involve students in reading. In Reader's Theater, students "perform" by sharing parts and reading aloud. This is usually done without costumes or props, but not always.

RT is a strategy that combines reading practice and performing. Its goal is to enhance students' reading skills and confidence by practising reading with a purpose. Reader's Theater gives students a real reason to read aloud – and that reason is usually to prepare for some kind of performance! The performance can be confined to small groups within a classroom who perform for each other, or expanded to include larger audiences within your community. Whatever the audience, Readers Theater reaps many benefits:

Benefits of Using Readers Theater in the Classroom or Library. Readers Theater helps to

  1. Develop fluency through repeated exposure to text.
  2. Increase comprehension.
  3. Integrate reading, writing, speaking, listening in an authentic context, engage students.
  4. Increase reading motivation.
  5. Create confidence and improve the self-image of students.
  6. Provide a real purpose for reading.
  7. Provide opportunities for cooperative learning.

Why Do Evergreen Trees Keep Their Leaves (Christian Theme)

Readers Theater Scripts

Readers Theater, Older Elementary School Readers

"What would Jesus do?" asks the spruce tree.  Would he give shelter to a poor little bird with a broken wing?

Why Do Evergreen Trees Keep Their Leaves (Readers Theater)

Readers Theater Scripts

Older Elementary School Readers

We all know the folktale about the injured bird who can't fly south for the winter and, in the end, makes it possible for our evergreen trees to keep their leaves during winter.


Readers Theater Scripts

Two Versions: Readers Theater and Storyteller Reader. For older readers to perform for younger readers.

This script tells the story of a "beginning witch" who isn't a real witch because she has to pass her final exam first. Too bad the exam is a "witch's brew" exam and Willow's worst subject in school is COOKING. No need to worry!


Readers Theater Scripts

Readers Theater Version, Older Readers

Everybody knows you can't trust those trickly little Irish fellows dressed in green. Well, the poor grumpy troll in this story is having a terrible time trying to figure it out.


Readers Theater Scripts

 Readers Theater, Younger Readers Click Here for Sample Pages Everybody knows you can't trust those trickly little Irish fellows dressed in green - don't they?


Readers Theater Scripts

A Primary School Teacher e-mailed and asked for a script she could use to help her students tell about their field trip to the local zoo. We wrote one for her and her students performed the script in front of the entire school during a spring concert! LIONS AND TIGERS AND BEARS, OH MY!

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