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Readers Theater Scripts

These Scripts for Schools Readers Theater scripts were created as a way to involve students in reading. In Reader's Theater, students "perform" by sharing parts and reading aloud. This is usually done without costumes or props, but not always.

RT is a strategy that combines reading practice and performing. Its goal is to enhance students' reading skills and confidence by practising reading with a purpose. Reader's Theater gives students a real reason to read aloud – and that reason is usually to prepare for some kind of performance! The performance can be confined to small groups within a classroom who perform for each other, or expanded to include larger audiences within your community. Whatever the audience, Readers Theater reaps many benefits:

Benefits of Using Readers Theater in the Classroom or Library. Readers Theater helps to

  1. Develop fluency through repeated exposure to text.
  2. Increase comprehension.
  3. Integrate reading, writing, speaking, listening in an authentic context, engage students.
  4. Increase reading motivation.
  5. Create confidence and improve the self-image of students.
  6. Provide a real purpose for reading.
  7. Provide opportunities for cooperative learning.


Readers Theater Scripts

The Fox and the Stork French/English Version Adapt en francais et traduit en anglais par Viviane Chase Wiernik


Readers Theater Scripts

The Fox and the Grapes

French/English Version

Adapte en francais et traduit en anglais par Viviane Chase Wiernik


Readers Theater Scripts

Primary Script Un jour, en se promenant dans la foret, un lion orgueilleux rencontre un perroquet, un hibou, une hyene, et une petite fille sage qui froissent son amour-propre. Le lion les mange tous!


Readers Theater Scripts

Older Readers

Situe dans les montagnes d'Alberta. Un aubergiste et sa femme tres astucieuse trouvent que leur auberge est envahie par les lutins invisibles et malins de la montagne.

Let the Grandparents Do It - Older Readers

Readers Theater Scripts

Readers Theater Version, Older Readers

This is a script inspired by a short comic poem about letting grandparents "spoil" a newly born baby.

Let The Grandparents Do It! - Younger Readers

Readers Theater Scripts

A special script for young primary students who can read simple words and short phrases. This is a script inspired by a short comic poem about letting grandparents "spoil" a newly born baby.

Lief Ericsson

Readers Theater Scripts

(Approx. 960-1020), VIKING DISCOVERER OF NORTH AMERICA Leif Ericsson became a favorite of the Norwegian king. He discovered three lands: Helluland, Markland, and Vinland. Many believe the new land was North America!

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Little Frog in the Well

Readers Theater Scripts

A Taiwanese Fable for Intermediate/Advanced Readers about the joy of expanding your horizons and moving on in life. A little bird swoops into a well and carries Little Frog out into the world on his back.

Manners! Manners!

Readers Theater Scripts

Members of the "GOOD MANNERS MOVEMENT" are marching around school, chanting, and waving signs!

Manners! Manners! (Younger Readers)

Readers Theater Scripts

Members of the "GMM" are marching around the school, chanting, and waving signs that say: GOOD MANNERS MOVEMENT! STAMP OUT ANNOYING ANNOYANCES! ARE YOU PART OF THE SOLUTION  OR PART OF THE PROBLEM? GOOD MANNERS COUNT!

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