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Readers Theater Scripts

These Scripts for Schools Readers Theater scripts were created as a way to involve students in reading. In Reader's Theater, students "perform" by sharing parts and reading aloud. This is usually done without costumes or props, but not always.

RT is a strategy that combines reading practice and performing. Its goal is to enhance students' reading skills and confidence by practising reading with a purpose. Reader's Theater gives students a real reason to read aloud – and that reason is usually to prepare for some kind of performance! The performance can be confined to small groups within a classroom who perform for each other, or expanded to include larger audiences within your community. Whatever the audience, Readers Theater reaps many benefits:

Benefits of Using Readers Theater in the Classroom or Library. Readers Theater helps to

  1. Develop fluency through repeated exposure to text.
  2. Increase comprehension.
  3. Integrate reading, writing, speaking, listening in an authentic context, engage students.
  4. Increase reading motivation.
  5. Create confidence and improve the self-image of students.
  6. Provide a real purpose for reading.
  7. Provide opportunities for cooperative learning.

Max and the Tomb Sweep

Readers Theater Scripts

This script follows Max and his mother as they sweep Granny's tomb and discuss the reason for celebrating The Tomb Sweeping Festival. Happily, the three narrators learn all about the festival too.

Misery's Saguaro

Readers Theater Scripts

Set in the Sonoran Desert: An old woman named Misery owns one prized possession: a magnificent saguaro planted by her great-great grandmother. The cactus, however, does not make Misery happy.

Misery's Tree

Readers Theater Scripts

Set in apple-growing country. An old woman named Misery owns one prized possession: a magnificent apple tree. The tree, however, does not make Misery happy.

Mrs-Summer-Fall-Winter-Springtime - (Older Elementary School Readers)

Readers Theater Scripts

An original poem about the seasons featuring rhythm and rhyme for intermediate readers.

Mrs-Summer-Fall-Winter-Springtime - (Younger Elementary School Readers)

Readers Theater Scripts

Primary readers explore our four seasons through Mrs. Summer-Fall-Winter-Spring's little poems. Teacher or older narrator reads this script aloud and beginning readers join in on the easy-reader lines and the repeated chorus lines.

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Murder at ____________! Package: full Script and Production Guide

Readers Theater Scripts

Fill in the blank above with the name of your school and you're ready for action! Murder mystery scripts are "all the rage" these days, so why not use this Who-Done-It as a school fund-raiser?

This script is meant to be performed by older students or teachers.


Readers Theater Scripts

Swedish Language Version

Set on the Swedish island of Tjorn, this tale tells the story of a mysterious shipwreck.

Neat and Tidy, Neat and Clean

Readers Theater Scripts

Each school day Miss Dickerson encourages her students to pick up the classroom until it is "neat and tidy, neat and clean!" But the plot thickens as a series of strange voices seem to be coming from the waste basket.

Outfoxing the Snake

Readers Theater Scripts

Can you really outfox a snake? Ted Truefoot helps a snake who is caught between some rocks, then finds out that the snake plans to reward him with DEATH.

Outsmarting the Leprechauns

Readers Theater Scripts

Readers Theater, Older Readers

An innkeeper and his very capable wife find their inn invaded by invisible leprechauns.

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