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A Grade 7 teacher worked with me to create this script for a Social Studies unit she was teaching. The script involves 7 solo readers who divide into teams named after each of the 6 civilizations (the 7th reader is the narrator) and gather other classmates around them as team members. The teams then compete in a game to see which civilization the audience thinks contributed most to the way we live today.

Teams Egypt, India, China, Greece, Rome, and Mesopotamia each take center stage during the competition and present their case for their individual teams. This is done using rhythm, rhyme, and a rap beat (if desired).

At the end of the competition, the audience members are asked to fill out ballots voting for the team they felt gave the most persuasive performance. If time permits, this is a great spot for an audience/reader discussion about all the civilizations!

FORMATTING: This script is formatted for 7 solo readers and as many team members as you have available. 10 pages of reading text.

Performance time: Approximately 5-7 minutes (depending on how to decide to stage the game segments).

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