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There is nothing humorous about bullying. Finding useful community solutions to bullying is a serious endeavor. But, with that said, all members of the community need to (1) be able to readily recognize bullying behavior and (2) learn how to react safely and constructively when bullying is occurring. This script was created to lighten up the learning of (1) and (2) above. Often, laughter can be the best teacher. If you can laugh while you learn, the learning sometimes becomes more meaningful.

In this Readers Theater script, an anti-bullying committee has been formed at your school. Members of this committee are named ABLE-BODY, EVERYBODY, SOMEBODY, ANYBODY, and NOBODY. Some fun is had as committee president ABLE-BODY makes general statements about bullying that are taken personally by the strangely named committee members. (If you know the old comedy skit Who's On First? you already understand the concept).

CAST: 5 Solo Readers

Script Length: 10 pages of reading text

Performance Time: 5-6 Minutes

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