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Have Fun With English

Choral Reading Scripts

(Alternate title: HAVE FUN WITH READING)

This script was originally written for an EFL "Have Fun With English Day" in Malaysia.


Choral Reading Scripts

Choral Reading Version, Grades 5-9

This script catches the essence of a high school basketball game in progress.


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Lack of wind, ice, starvation, native attacks, murder, and mutiny colour the journey. Magellan does not survive the journey, but has named the Pacific ocean and his fleet has circumnavigated the globe.

Lewis and Clark

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Inspired by "Voyages from Montreal" by Canadian Alexander Mackenzie. Thomas Jefferson, President of the United States, sends a team of explorers into America's wild west.

Alexander Graham Bell, Inventor of the Telephone

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Readers Theater, Grades 6-12

Canadian-born Alexander Graham Bell, his wife, father-in-law, lawyer, and partner (Thomas Watson) appear in court before a judge. They take part in a preliminary hearing to determine ownership of patent rights to the telephone.

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Alexander Mackenzie

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(1764-1820), CROSSING CANADA BY LAND Loyalist Alexander Mackenzie mounts two long and difficult explorations in his search for a water route to the West. "Why?" asks his cousin Roderick. "Furs, man, furs!" replies Mackenzie.

Leonardo Da Vinci, Imaginative Inventor

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Leonardo da Vinci fears he is dying and asks his companion to summon a notary and a priest. Through their bedside conversation we learn about Leonardo's life and incredible accomplishments as a "visionary inventor."

Jacques Cartier

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Readers Theater, Grades 6-12

(1491-1557), Searching for a Water Route to China

Back in France, Jacques Cartier meets a friend on the street who asks Jacques where he has been for the last three years.


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Three students visit a flight museum and are amazed when statues of Orville and Wilber Wright come alive and speak to them. The students question these famous brothers and learn important facts about the invention of the airplane.

Lief Ericsson

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(Approx. 960-1020), VIKING DISCOVERER OF NORTH AMERICA Leif Ericsson became a favorite of the Norwegian king. He discovered three lands: Helluland, Markland, and Vinland. Many believe the new land was North America!

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