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After purchasing a Readers Theater Script, Choral Reading Script or Play Script, a few satisfied teachers speak up about Scripts for Schools.

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First, let me compliment you on the wonderful work that you do!!!! As I researched Choral Readings for our upcoming Christmas Assembly, I was awestruck as I read through sample pages of your work! I am excited to start this holiday project with my class. I will spread the word about your work to other teachers in my school. I’m sure once our class performs I’ll have many people ask me where the material came from.

Thank you again…for the wonderful resource you have provided! Happy Holidays!

- Anita Taylor


I am a drama and video production teacher for children of American soldiers and government civilians stationed in Heidelberg, Germany. Every year, all the students at Heidelberg Middle School sign a pledge to stamp out bullying. My sixth grade drama class performed your RT script “That’s What Bullies Do” for a School News piece that will be shown to the 700 other children in our school.

- Patricia Kiebler

I received (in record time) the two readers theatre scripts I ordered and just wanted you to know what a quality product it is. I am so looking forward to using them with my special education students this holiday season.

Last year my students did a reader’s theatre script that we adapted from a story from our reading series and the kids loved it! They gained so much from the process–so many positives especially for kids who are struggling readers.

When I started researching more about readers theatre on the internet, I came across your website and knew I had struck GOLD! I will heartedly pass on my newfound knowledge about your products and services (inservice training?) to my colleagues and administrative decision-makers.

- Vanessa Roth

Just to confirm that I received the script of Jason and the Golden Fleece and it’s perfect. It’s very practically and intelligently put together, and has saved me from the nightmare of organising a play with a group of beligerent boys within a few weeks! Thank-you!

…Yes you may include my comment in the feedback section; and you can add that, on the strength of what I’ve seen, I’ve recommended your site to four other teachers already.

- Tom Rossiter

I am writing to ask permission (if it’s needed!) to perform The Great Apple Slice Escape for a church fundraiser. My friend is hosting this event at her church in order to raise money to send a group to Africa to help build an orphanage. She asked if we would perform something so I began perusing theatre sites looking for a suitable Reader’s Theatre (one of my favorite forms of theatre) and found your ‘apple slice escape’. It’s so fun and so cute!! I thought it would suit us perfectly.

I have 3 kids and a husband and we have been practicing it like this: I read, my 7 year old daughter acts out the part of the sweet little grandmother, and the rest (my 10 and 12 year old boys and my husband -of no fixed age!) accompany us with background music – on piano, acoustic guitar, and bass guitar.

I found your script on a FREE SCRIPTS web-site and couldn’t find anything that said we needed permission or anything, but wanted to check with you nonetheless.

Thanks for writing such great stuff. You are very talented and creative and I thank you for expressing it in such a child focused way!!

…Of course you have my permission to reprint my feedback!

I hope our audience loves ‘the Great Apple Slice Escape’ as much as we do!

- Carla Falk

I just wanted you to know that I did get the scripts. I decided to have the class do “Slow Down Christmas”. It was darling! It worked very well with my 15 students reading different parts in groups of 3, by rows and all together. The kids loved doing it and we invited our 6th grade book buddies to watch and later in the day, the parents. We had a large group of parents and our principal attend with refreshments too.

We also shared our “Christmas Around the World” booklets we had been working on. Maybe next year we can try your readers theater about Christmas in other countries.

Everyone really liked it and the students want to do more! …We always do an author’s tea and invite parents at the end of the year, so you’ll probably hear from us again.

- Karen Korte, Walnut Elementary

Today we performed your plays: The Crazy Desert Critters (We did this as a puppet show) and The Saguaro is Fine. They turned out awesome and my reluctant readers (grades 6-8) truly enjoyed their parts! Even our superintendent and principal were impressed! I just want to thank you for your assistance and of course, great writing talent! If you need any reviews please do not hesitate to contact me! Thanks again!

- Holly Rich, Midlakes Middle School


You had to deal with me before when I didn’t get my download from you the first time I ordered, “If I Lived in Africa.” I’m just a computer dummy, I guess. Anyway, let me tell you that I loved doing the choral reading with my kids and their fluency scores went up an average of 40 points. So I went to the school committee and convinced them to let me buy 5 more scripts. They said yes, and today I ordered the five scripts.

- Nancy Pund

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