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Anger Management for the Elementary School

November 4th, 2014

ANGER MANAGEMENT for the Elementary School!

A teacher recently requested a script dealing with anger management. We now have one. Check out "THE MONSTER MAD" on the Scripts for Schools web site by clicking HERE.

OVERVIEW: This choral reading/speaking script was written to introduce the concept of taking control and managing anger at the elementary grade school levels.

“The Monster Mad” symbolizes extreme anger in a child. When the monster takes over, he puts the angry child in a spell and encourages the child to go out of control. Of course, everyone wants to “run that monster out of town” and to do that, the script suggests using visualization as a tool to letting the monster go: Imagining the monster in the stomach, inside the fists, and inside the eyes.

I found a number of education sites online dealing with anger management in children and learned about the process of visualization from:

Lois Walker

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