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Children’s Play Scripts for All Year Long

May 15th, 2024

There are so many reasons for children to love school. Besides a place of fascinating learning, they get to sing, draw, paint, dance and act. It’s that last one that can take them places they’ve never been to before.

Inside the world of fairy tales, princesses, witches, and princes, there is an entire world for your young children to discover. Whether they are in their very early primary years or older children with more advanced reading skills, they will love Scripts for Schools. 

For younger children at the primary level, what about a Halloween script just right for their sensibilities? Or try out some goblins, monkeys and crocodiles or meeting a bully. 

Intermediate readers will benefit from stories filled with packrats, angels, forest fires and so much more. Advanced readers (those at the middle school level) will love learning about history and geography, famous people and more. 

Play scripts can be performed in the classroom or auditorium and are perfect for all ages. Some of the benefits to play scripts include:

- Allow students to be more creative and express themselves openly

- Help less talkative and shyer students to speak in class

- Gives students the opportunity to understand circumstances different from their own

- Promotes cooperative learning

- Encourages a love for reading

Themes for play scripts will take you all around the school year. From family and pets, healthy eating and sports, around the seasons you go. With Halloween and Thanksgiving not too far away, there are scripts perfect for this time of year. 

Every holiday has its special play script as well, so no one feels left out. Learning about good manners, the Internet, anger management and even shortened Shakespeare, all students of all ages will be happy with what they discover here.

You can add singing and puppets to the scripts, too. Handy teacher resources will help to bring alive so many experiences for students in the new school year.

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