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Gear up for the Year with Reader's Theatre

May 8th, 2024

School is in session and with planning for the year in full swing, teachers are looking for ways to engage their students in learning that are fun and interactive – not boring! 

Reader’s Theatre is an excellent way to teach students about literacy, drama, and any specific topics that are applicable to curriculum. These scripts get the whole class involved – teacher too – and give students a fun way to learn. 

Reader’s Theatre scripts are short, fun, dramatic performances. They are designed for various groups and situations, whether you’re looking for a full-classroom play or something smaller sets of students can work on together. Scripts are available for all reading levels, so you can tailor your selections to your students. 

These scripts cover a huge range of topics, so if you know you’ll be covering something during the school year, you can find a script to match it. You can also look for scripts applicable to any situation that happens to come up in class, or in the world, that you think your students would like to further explore. Because these scripts are so easy to find and access, you can pre-plan them into your curriculum just as easily as you can add them into your lesson plans as needed. Reader’s Theatre gives you plenty of flexibility! 

The scripts are an easy to use resource for teachers, who can write them, purchase them online and download them immediately, or otherwise make them available to students. And for students, what could be more fun than participating in a play or choral script reading? 

If you are an educator looking for an innovative way to encourage learning, literacy, and group work, try out Reader’s Theatre. There is a script applicable to every type of learning situation!

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