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Benefits of Choral Reading Scripts for Early Readers

April 21st, 2015

choral_reading_kids.pngEarly readers are involved in an exciting time in their lives — they are just starting to delve into the world of literacy, so it should be fun! Choral reading scripts for early readers offer a way to keep reading enjoyable while still educational. 

Choral reading scripts for early readers get the whole class or group reading together. Students read in unison with one another so no reader feels singled out, while still getting the chance to practice literacy skills. Instead of feeling self conscious about working on reading skills by speaking out loud, students can support one another in their efforts and build confidence. 

While some educational professionals use regular books or other materials to encourage choral reading, specific choral reading scripts for early readers are even better. These scripts are designed for choral reading, and set up for the age group of early readers. This way, educators can feel confident that the scripts will work well for choral reading and are at the appropriate level for their students. 

Choral reading scripts are also a way to show off early readers’ skills to larger groups. Because they are available in a variety of topics, they make the perfect presentation for school plays, parent nights, and other special presentations. Script topics include holidays, pets, seasons, healthy eating, and countless other subjects that are sure to fit into curriculum, helping bring knowledge to life for your early readers! 

If you have not tried choral reading scripts in your classroom or other educational setting, you may want to consider this resource to help your early readers develop and share their skills. They are a way to keep reading fresh and interesting for students in your classroom, encouraging a lifelong love of reading and literacy.

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