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Creative Ways to Improve your Children’s Reading Skills

February 29th, 2016


Learning to read is so important for children and helping them to become effective, excited readers takes encouragement and the right tools. Because reading is a vital life skill necessary for engaging in today’s world from childhood on.

Developing and improving your children’s reading skills includes reading to them daily and allowing them to read to you, allowing them to choose what they want to read, helping them to organize and care for their library of books are a few ways to help your child.

One of the most wonderful ways to improve your child’s reading skills is to involve them in reader’s theater. Every parent has the opportunity to select and buy readers theater scripts. The process encourages them to read aloud from reader’s theater scripts created from appropriate grade-level books and stories. This is particularly powerful at the elementary school level as it helps your children to develop their imaginations.

Reader’s theatre scripts for elementary reader’s theater combine reading practice and performing. The goal is to enhance your child’s reading skills and confidence by giving them a real reason to read aloud.

The reader’s theater scripts require active involvement which encourages children to actively participate and motivates even the most reluctant readers to explore books and reading, while providing fluent readers the opportunity to explore genre and characterization.

“Performing” the same script in different settings allows children to re-read, a key factor in developing fluency, without getting bored.

Reader’s theater is most successful when students really love the script. It is important to hunt for scripts with fun characters, clear plots and comfortable language. Scripts with lots of natural, peppy dialogue, a little action, laugh-out-loud parts, lively narration and enough roles for all students are the best for the students to have fun and improve their reading fluency and self-confidence at the same time. Reader’s theater also allows children to linger over a story acting it out many times so that they come to understand the nuances and not just the literal level of the story.

With Script For School Readers Theaters scripts, your child’s reading, imagination, love for reading and enthusiasm to engage in reading will all be influenced. Join us today, with your next Script, and watch your child’s reading and imagination come alive.

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