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Puppet Play Scripts are a Fun and a Creative Way to Engage Kids in Reading

December 23rd, 2014

puppet_play_scripts.jpgReading is the most important skill young children learn. Once they can read, it is easier for them to learn in general. For instance, if they read well, they can tackle a history class with ease. While some children learn to read easily, others need a little more help and motivation. Puppet play scripts are a great way to get children excited about reading.

Puppets Give Kids the Desire to Read 

A desire to read is one of the most important components in learning how to read. While teachers have to urge kids to want to read, they don't have to do the same when it comes to playing with puppets. Most young children want to play with puppets, so they will jump at the chance to read if it means they can use puppets during the process. Because of that, puppet play scripts make reading exciting. The kids will scramble for parts in the play instead of shying away from reading.

Puppet Play Scripts Help with Comprehension

Reading and comprehension go together. If a child can read words but can't comprehend what those words mean, their reading level will be low. Puppet play scripts help with comprehension by making the words come to life. As children see the words move from the page to the puppet, they gain a better understanding of what they mean. That helps them to learn how to comprehend everything that they read.

They Encourage Creativity

Puppet play scripts combine reading and the arts. The combination of the two encourages creativity. Once children see reading as a creative outlet, they will be inspired to read. This inspiration makes a teacher's job much easier, and much more rewarding.

Puppet play scripts can transform a classroom. They get kids excited about reading and turn it into an art form instead of a chore. If your students need motivation, bring some excitement to the classroom with puppet play scripts.

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