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Spring Brings Many Opportunities for Themed Plays

February 20th, 2015

boy_giving _girl_flower.jpgBirds chirping, flowers blooming, holidays to celebrate —spring brings with it lots of reasons to smile, and many great subjects for themed plays. 

Scripts for Schools makes learning interactive and fun by encouraging students to explore thematic topics through play scripts. These scripts are perfect for groups small and large, and fit seamlessly into both your classroom curriculum and larger school parties and assemblies. 

Seasonal Options 

With the spring season in mind, there are many ways to work themed plays into your plans. 

April Fools Day is full of laughs for everyone, but there is an educational opportunity hiding in this goofy day. Students can perform themed plays that explore the origins of April Fool’s Day, or play the role of tricksters. 

Easter is another wonderful holiday lending itself to themed plays —readers can brush up on literacy and put on a show with bunny-themed scripts. 

The luck of the Irish will be with teachers who pick out St. Patricks Day plays to share with their students. From older readers to those just starting out, there’s a leprechaun tale for everyone. 

A Variety of Styles 

Scripts for Schools offers spring-themed plays in every possible variety, from choral plays to those that incorporate drawing or rhythm and rhyme. Whether you’re planning a special school celebration or a spring fling for parents to see what their kids are up to, themed plays add a little something special to the day while imparting knowledge on both the participants and the audience. 

There is no shipping time involved with Scripts for Schools, so if you’re looking for a spring play, browse through the options and find the best play for your students. Downloading each script is as simple as clicking, and you’ll be well on your way to educational spring fun.

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