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The Benefits of Readers Theater Scripts for Home Schooling

December 29th, 2015

Home schooling can have its challenges just like a standard classroom. When you are looking to improve and challenge your children in a home school setting, there is nothing better than getting them into readers theater scripts.

This is one of the simplest and best ways to give your children a fun activity that they can all enjoy. You can implement a readers script easily and with few materials.

Here's why readers theater scripts are so beneficial to your children:

Readers theater scripts improve reading fluency. It just stands to reason, that when you practice your lines repeatedly, you gain a greater mastery over the words that help with reading fluency.

Scripts increase vocabulary. Children naturally begin to increase their vocabulary when using theater scripts. They get to learn new words, too; some of which can be quite challenging for their age groups.

It encourages your children to work together. Theater scripts will get your kids into workable groups, with parts for everyone. They need to depend on each other as well, for the success of their performances.

It motivates your children. Theater scripts gives your children a reason to read. It motivates them to pick up the scripts and read for themselves.

Readers scripts improve thinking and listening skills. Everyone needs to be a team player, which means everyone has to pay attention to one another for the performance to be its best. If there are parts to be said together, everyone must read at the same speed for success.

Scripts prepare your children for adult roles. This is a great way for your children to become comfortable with public speaking. As they grow, taking on leadership roles will become second nature to them.

Theater scripts are a great introduction to classical literature. There's nothing like a little Shakespeare to liven up an evening, read aloud in a theatric manner!

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