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Tips for Using Readers Theatre Scripts in Your Classroom

October 27th, 2015

play scripts.gifReaders Theatre scripts are a fun and exciting way to encourage literacy in your classroom. Whether you teach younger kids or older students, Readers Theatre script themes fit in with every learning experience! 

One of the best ways to successfully implement Readers Theatre scripts in your classroom is to choose scripts that are appropriate to your students’ age and reading skill levels. Our scripts are categorized into those appropriate for a primary reading level, intermediate reading level, and advanced reading level. This ensures that your students will be appropriately challenged by the script without feeling like it is too hard to read, or too easy to be interesting. 

Within those three categories we have countless themes for Readers Theatre scripts. Think about the subject matter you are covering in your regular curriculum – there’s a script that will fit into nearly every topic, expanding on what students are learning and bringing new concepts to life! You can also use Readers Theatre scripts in your classroom by selecting themes that fit in well with current events or upcoming holidays. If you are looking for a fun play or performance for students to put on for friends, family, and community, our scripts offer just that. 

Talk to other teachers about Readers Theatre, especially if you are planning a school-wide event. Many teachers collaborate to bring various groups of students together, making reading a larger activity that encourages group participation, public speaking, and cooperation amongst students of all ages and skill levels. 

With Readers Theatre you will be assisting your students with much-needed, valuable literacy skills that will last for a lifetime. It’s easy to work these scripts into the rest of your classroom planning, so you can inspire reading and literacy even while teaching other subjects! 

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