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Top 10 Best Christmas & Hanukkah Scripts Ever

November 30th, 2015

Kids love the holiday season, for good reason! With all kinds of beautiful decorations, heartwarming traditions, and the sheer joy that surrounds this time of year, you can use the holiday season to encourage students to learn, in a fun, interactive way.


Readers Theater Scripts, Choral Reading Scripts, Play Scripts, and Puppet Play Scripts are perfect for holiday-themed learning, whether it is within a classroom setting, or as part of a larger school celebration. Here are our top 10 best scripts!


1. A Christmas Carol is a classic holiday story, now available in a student-friendly script format. A reduced version makes this play easier for younger students to handle.

2. Babushka’s Story is a fun poem that shares the story of the shepherds, following the star, who stop in at Babushka’s door and invite her along.

3. Ring Those Christmas Bells is perfect for groups of any size, as it is expandable from six readers all the way up to 36.

4. Slow Down Christmas is a beautiful reminder of the meaning of the season, and is a great pick for a family performance.

5. The Christmas Star tells the traditional Christmas story, making it ideal for a church group.

6. The Great Christmas Pie Escape! is a hilarious Christmas tale, guaranteed to get students, teachers, and family members laughing in the audience.

7. The Hanukkah Homecoming puts a delightful spin on a Hannukah performance, as a draw and read script that lets performers show off their artistic sides, and their literary skills at the same time.

8. Why The Yuletide Evergreen Trees Keep Their Leaves takes a traditional folk tale, familiar to some students, and turns it into a seasonally appropriate performance.

9. An Early Visit From Santa Claus is great for the whole school, as it can be personalized!

10. Check out the Happy Holidays Theme Package to outfit your school with scripts year-round.

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