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Using Readers Theatre Scripts to Create Positive Classroom Dynamics

June 25th, 2019

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Reader’s theatre is an excellent classroom strategy to help student’s work on improving reading and oral fluency, in a fun, supportive and positive manner. Using Reader’s theatre scripts in the classroom allows for more engagement from children, building reading confidence.

What is Reader’s Theatre?

Reader’s Theatre is a literacy strategy that utilizes specialized literature in dramatic fashion. Student’s are given scripts and within their group are assigned roles. Student’s then take time to practice reading their parts, working on developing reading and speaking fluency skills due to the repetition of this activity. This is more engaging for students, and more engagement means more learning.

For teachers, readers theatre is simple to implement. It does not require large amounts of preparation, as the scripts are not meant to be done as full theatre productions. This means no worrying about costumes, sets or stages. Instead, the focus is on reading.

How does it build positive classroom dynamics?

Reader’s theatre helps to build positive classroom dynamics, as it gives students an opportunity to work together and support one another. This activity does not require memorization, so even struggling students are able to work at, and be successful with this activity. This is great for confidence, and for building inclusive environments.

The scripts are a group effort, and require involvement for all students. This is a great opportunity for the leaders in the classroom to take charge to help and support their group members. When structured correctly, this can help with positive classroom dynamics.

The high level of engagement and enjoyment that students show from this activity also help to foster a positive learning environment. Engaged students are happier, work harder, and learn more.

If you have not implemented readers theatre into your classroom yet, give it a try, Your students will love it, and you will find that it helps to foster positive classroom dynamics. Check out Scripts for Schools for quality scripts as well, to make your prep and planning that much simpler. 

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