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Using Scripts For Learning English

December 3rd, 2016

learning EnglishTeachers and other educators are always looking for better and more innovative ways to teach English in their classrooms. Why not make good use of school scripts? And you don't have to be an English or a Drama teacher to use them.

ESL children often don't feel as confident in the classroom, and using a variety of devices will help them to feel more confident and motivated in a learning environment. Learning a second language, in this case, English, is only made easier by introducing theater scripts into your classroom.

Imaginary play is the one way that all children learn effectively. The links between playing and saying, is often very powerful. When children are given school scripts to learn, they are not only being familiarized with the words, they are being familiarized with the emotions and situations that are associated with those words. The words take on a whole new dimension, and scripts help with learning how to connect written words with word definition and examples of the words definition.

There is always a real connection between the written and the spoken word, and when children can act out theater scripts, this connection is only strengthened. Words don't have to be overpowering, either. Simple, basic words will get the job done, and children will begin learning how to understand a brand new language, one which was previously unfamiliar to them. Sometimes, teachers feel as if introducing Drama into their classroom will lessen the chances of real learning taking place. Nothing could be further from the truth. Children that have the opportunity to engage in visual, auditory, and spatial learning can all benefit from the use of scripts in the classroom, whether learning a new language, such as English, or just getting better at it!

Drama theater scripts bring out fundamental skills in every child. Children learn to use more expression, they become risk-takers, their cooperative and learning skills increase, all because of theater scripts. Suddenly, they realize they can do this, and learning English becomes easier for them.

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