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Why Christmas Play Scripts Make a Great Tool for Teachers

November 26th, 2014

Christmas Play Scripts.jpgEvery great teacher finds ways to engage their students with learning without making it feel like forced learning. It’s a constant struggle and takes creativity - and nobody is successful all the time. Each season offers inspiration, but nothing is more exciting than the Christmas season for kids who are preparing to celebrate this exciting holiday with their families. 

Christmas plays are a part of the season, and they can engage kids in reading, personal expression, and even critical thinking if the play script is designed as an educational tool. Great Christmas play scripts – including Readers Theater Scripts, Choral Reading (Choral Speaking Scripts), Play Scripts, and Puppet Play Scripts, incorporate lessons that cross subjects in order to encourage kids to become fully engaged in learning.  

The Excitement of Working Together 

One way that Christmas play scripts help kids as well as teachers is it provides a way of learning together. The kids choose or are chosen for parts that interest them. Everyone takes part in some way or another, and for the most part kids engage at a level that will help them to learn best. Shy kids who learn best by observing others will stick to smaller or more subdued parts. Outgoing kids who learn better when they make the mistakes and have triumphs themselves will go for parts that are central and make them feel important, seen, and heard. 

All together the class can work with a great Christmas play script in order to create something that is only possible through teamwork. Play scripts are not just a handy way to make learning fun, they can also teach the intangibles of teamwork, getting through difficult challenges, and engaging fully with something that pushes them to go a bit farther. 

Christmas play scripts can help lay the groundwork for a lifelong appreciation of learning through exploration, expression, and fun.  Shop our full line of holiday Readers Theater Scripts, Choral Reading (Choral Speaking Scripts), Play Scripts, and Puppet Play Scripts.

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