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Why You Should Include Reader’s Theatre Scripts in Your Curriculum

January 27th, 2015

children_reading.jpgInteractive learning experiences help students connect with subject matter, turning your curriculum into something that feels like fun, not work! Even though Reader’s Theatre scripts are delightful for students, it does not mean that they are not educational —every student will learn something when you use Reader’s Theatre scripts in your classroom. 


Reader’s Theatre scripts are designed to be flexible. No matter the age of the students, there is a script that will fit seamlessly into your curriculum, with age-appropriate language and learning concepts. The scripts also cover a huge variety of themes, so you will be able to find a script for every subject in every grade. 

Quick to Use 

Unlike some educational material which requires a long lead time, and shipping costs that cut into your budget, Reader’s Theatre scripts are instantly available. When you find a script you like you can download and print it that day, so there is no delay in getting your students involved with the Reader’s Theatre experience. 

Active, Fun Education 

Reader’s Theatre scripts encourage students to take an active role in education, bringing them together for group work and creating interesting, dynamic performances that the whole school can enjoy. Theatre is not just for drama class —these scripts fit into so many educational programs, from holiday specials to puppet plays with props, lights, and music. 

Reader’s Theatre scripts can take any theme and turn it into a thrilling, challenging classroom experience, perfectly designed to help your students learn new things and apply that knowledge. With no wait time, and affordable packages that fit into any school’s budget, you are bound to find a Reader’s Theatre script that will keep your students active and engaged in learning. Add Reader’s Theatre scripts to your curriculum and watch the learning unfold!

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