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About Christine Harvey

Christine Harvey is an energetic lady, with a Bachelor of Arts Honours in Drama and a Bachelor of Education. She is the founder of the Not So Amateur Amateurs, a non-profit theatre company in Kingston, Ontario. She writes and co-directs for the company. In fact, she has written twenty-two theatre pieces, including two full-length and one one-act musical.

Three of her plays have been published by an international publishing company in the UK, 10 have been accepted by a publishing company in BC and some of them are featured in her book, Stage It: Three Plays and a Monologue.

Christine has extensive experience in theatre, as over the years she has directed over sixty-five children’s plays, organized numerous drama clubs, taught drama at five different schools, and instructed drama workshops. Other roles have included head of drama for Dreams In Motion (a performing arts school in Gananoque), drama consultant, actor, and performing coach for Children’s Aid Society training videos, and director, coordinator and resident playwright for Young Artists of Kingston (YAK) since 1997.

She has acted in commercials and videos, has participated as a performer in Kingston’s Standardized Patient program, and is a collective owner and actor in the Spotlight Surfers, a traveling acting troupe that has performed at several birthday parties, schools City of Kingston events, and the Kingston Buskers Festival.

She has recently started up a democratic private school which integrates theatre and the arts into all aspects of learning. She is a co-owner of Drama Queens Publishing Company ( and has recently won a grant from Curriculum Services Canada and used it to create a teaching package instructing teachers how to teach playwriting in the classroom.

She also runs the Drama portion of the KYAC program in Kingston. Occasionally, she stops to sleep and spend time with her friends, her foster daughter, Cassondra, and her dog, Asia.

If you purchase one of Christine’s scripts, she is happy to answer questions, help with staging, and/or share her experiences directing and producing the script. Christine’s email:

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