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Lee Karvonen

Lee Karvonen is a man of many talents. He has spent close to thirty years as a public school teacher specializing in English, Drama, and Conflict Management. During that time he has taught courses as varied as Creative Writing, Speaking, Personal Communication (a combination of speech, drama, and conflict management), Writing and Directing, Journalism, English 12 AP, French 8, Mathematics 10, Producing a Musical, and 2 Teaching Co-ops (writing and teaching programs).

An actor and MC from elementary school days, Lee went on to perform in 10 university/community productions, including many featured roles. While completing his Bachelor of Arts in English and Philosophy and his Professional Certificate at Notre Dame University, he wrote a regular satirical column for the student newspaper, won a bronze medal for hockey in the B.C. Winter Games, was named Actor of the Year, and was his class valedictorian. After graduation, he took 2 post-graduate courses in Theatre – History and Directing.

With colleagues and friends from university days, he became a regular on several national Canadian children’s television shows. On TAKE PART, he played Mister Twister, a character of multiple identities who told jokes and riddles and specialized in tongue twisters. On TELL-A-TALE TOWN, he played Lee the Librarian, one of the show’s co-hosts who introduced a variety of story tellers to the on-set and home audience. On SURF’S UP; LET’S COOK, he played the Goofy Gourmet, who produced side-splitting recipes not even a mother could love!

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