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Lois is the publisher of Scripts For Schools and is a writer, teacher, and Canadian television personality. She is the creator of 4 successful television series for children, including Tell-a-Tale Town, which was syndicated internationally, and Hands Up! Hands On!, which won a CAN-PRO Gold Award for excellence in Canadian Children’s Programming.

Her Readers Theater stories, scripts and books have been published and featured worldwide by leading educational publishers, including Contemporary Drama Services (USA), Ginn, East/West Publishers, Taiwan, Pearson Australia, and Scholastic, among others. She recently returned from Taiwan where she conducted Readers Theater workshops in 7 different cities for more than 800 Taiwanese EFL teachers. Over the years, Lois has been seen regularly on YTV, CanWest Global Television network, and the Educational Channel, BookTV.

Professional Development and Teacher Workshops

Now semi-retired in Vancouver, Canada, Lois continues to write scripts, maintain the Scripts for Schools website,, present workshops for teachers, and correspond by e-mail with teachers from all over the world! She and her husband, Herb, spend their winters at the Deep Canyon Tennis Club in Palm Desert, California. For a glimpse of this amazing community, please visit their web site at:

If you would be interested in having Lois present to teachers in your school district, please email: and include PERSONAL APPEARANCE in the subject line.

University Teacher

Lois began teaching in 1967 at Canada’s Notre Dame University, for ten years directing and producing more than 40 mainstage productions for Notre Dame University Theater. She taught public speaking and acting for the Theater Arts Department, Language Arts for the Education Department, and was Artistic Director of the University Theater Program.

Television Host and Producer

In 1977 she moved to Ottawa, Canada, where she and her husband Herb, a University Literature Professor, continued to pursue educational interests. Together the two created and produced a touring theater production for elementary schools, which toured throughout Canada and the United States for several years. In 1979, in conjunction with the Mid-Canada Television Network (MCTV), the two began producing television programs for children. Four long-running TV series, Take Part! (variety), Hands Up! Hands On! (crafts), Tell-a-Tale Town (storytelling), and Surf’s Up! Let’s Cook! (cooking), were seen daily on YTV, Canada’s kids channel, and the Global Television network. These programs would result in Lois becoming a household name in Canada as host of more than 450 half hours of children’s television over a 20 year period.

In 1985, Hands Up! Hand On! received a Can Pro Gold Award for excellence in children’s television. In the 1990′s, the programs were seen on YTV, CTV, the CanWest Global Television system, and were syndicated to 8 countries worldwide. Surf’s Up! Let’s Cook! and Tell-a-Tale Town are currently in reruns in Canada. Tell-a-Tale Town is currently in syndication on Book TV.

During her years in television, Lois wrote the lyrics and music for 40 children’s songs and theme songs for each of her television series.

Newspaper Columnist

Lois also wrote a weekly children’s column, Take Part For Kids, for the Vancouver Province newspaper and represented the newspaper yearly at the Pacific National Exhibition, where she promoted the newspaper and her column. She performed children’s concerts (songs and storytelling) for several years at the Pacific National Exhibition.

Writer and Publisher

In 1988, Lois began writing and publishing Readers Theater and Choral Speaking scripts. The scripts were intended to assist teachers in promoting an interest in stories and reading in the classroom.

SCRIPTS FOR SCHOOLS has expanded from an initial 10 published scripts in 1988 to its current 300-plus script titles. The scripts, which Lois develops with a team of skilled teacher-writers, are geared to many different reading levels (primary, intermediate, teen and adult), and encompass different curriculum areas such as social studies, science, and literature.

Professional Storyteller

For a number of years, Lois selected favorite stories from her published scripts and performed them as storytelling programs in schools and libraries, both in Canada and the United States. “Kiviok’s Magic Journey” (based on an old Inuit folktale) became her signature piece, featuring countless volunteer teachers and librarians who came out of the audience to play the wicked raven! When she began producing the Tell-A-Tale Town series, she was able to use the services of many professional storytellers she had encouraged through the years.

Other Publishers of Lois' Stories and Scripts

  • Pembroke Publishers, Canada
  • Ginn, Canada
  • Houghton Mifflin, Canada
  • Deneau, Canada
  • Scholastic, Canada
  • John Wiley and Sons, USA
  • Verlag an der Rush, Germany
  • Selector, Mexico
  • DOK Publishers, USA
  • Pearson Education, Australia
  • Meriwether Publishing Ltd., USA
  • Mayflower Press, USA
  • LibrarySparks, Highsmith, USA
  • East and West Book Company, Ltd., Taiwan

Teacher Resources

The Instant Puppet Resourcebook for Teachers (Pembroke)
Readers Theater in the Elementary Classroom (Take Part Productions, Ltd.)
Readers Theater in the Middle and Jr. High Classrooms (Contemporary Drama Service)
Readers Theater in the Classroom (East and West)

Illustrated Storybooks

Misery’s Tree and The Roly Rice Balls: Two Readers Theater Plays adapted from Portuguese and Japanese folklore (Pearson)
The Crazy Critters: an original Play For Children (Pearson)
The Gigantic Turnip Tug: a play adapted from a Russian folktale (Pearson)


Go Home, Goldie (Ginn)
The Rat Princess (Ginn)
A Thanksgiving Surprise (Highsmith)

Magazine Articles

The Roly Rice Balls of Taiwan (English Works)
Readers Theater: Effective and Fun (English Works)

Children's Activity Books

Puppets the Puppcorn Way (Take Part)
Crafts For Kids (Deneau)
Kid’s Can Cook the Puppcorn Way (Take Part)
Get Growing! (Wiley)

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